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Multimedia in International Journalism Workshop
London, 3rd December 2012

Corporate Technology Vision (CTV) will host a Multimedia Workshop for International Journalists that will run from 3rd to 7th December 2012.

Journalists are invited to participate in the workshop that will focus on multimedia approach to newsgathering and dissemination for on-line journalists who utilize alternative media in their country.

Who Is It For?

Journalists, PR, communications, sales, media representative from both working and studying background.

Modules:                                Register Now   

The News Agenda:

Understanding your audience and delivering stories which matter to them.

Storytelling skills in different media:

  • Understanding what makes a good story and how to tell it well.
  • Getting the message across in words and pictures.
  • Where do stories come from?
  • Finding out how to cultivate a rich stream of stories both on and off diary.

Making stories work:

  • How to develop stories beyond basic news.
  • An introduction to features, analysis, campaigns and investigation.
  • The importance of balanced reporting and fact checking.

Interviewing:                                Register Now   

  • Advanced skills to ensure you get the best from your subjects using the web to maximum effect.
  • An introduction to how search engines really work and the differences between writing for print and web.
  • How to use web resources like RSS feeds to find new sources of information
  • An introduction to social media for journalists How, and when, to use audio, words and pictures to their best effect


An introduction to planning, shooting, editing and sharing news pictures


How to make them, develop them and use them for career progression

Teaching method:

  • Training will be hold in a venue equipped with the latest computers and Multimedia tools to ensure practical training (participants can use personal computers or laptops directly during training)
  • Press and television interviews will be filmed live and will be saved on memory cards are given to each participant at the end of the course
  • Working groups.

Aims:                               Register Now   

  • This workshop aims to learn participants to conceptualize, map, and produce compelling stories across media platforms, including audio, video and interactive graphics.
  • Learn from experts and exchange ideas on multi-media journalism.
  • Gain field experience in multi-media storytelling using digital content-gathering tools to produce multi-media stories.
  • Present national case studies on multi-media journalism.
  • Discussions will be beneficial and challenging.

For more information please contact:

Email:          ab@ctvm.net

Tel:          +44 (0) 203 597 7034

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