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Global Health Intelligence

Global health addresses public health issues that affect the international community as a whole, the major concerns include diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB and tropical diseases. These are threats to life that transcend national borders and require the world to unite in self-interest.

CTV is producing a new television series of short films targeting a strong business audience, intending to showcase innovative projects and initiatives in global health that are currently underway.

The scope of global health extends beyond infectious diseases and encompasses issues such as non communicable diseases including diabetes, which is having a massive financial and health impact across the globe, also child and maternal health which directly affects families throughout North America, Europe, Africa and China. The ramifications of these problems are widespread, though of course the greatest effect is felt by the poverty-stricken, it is essential that the wealthiest nations also maintain and redouble their investment to tackle these health inequalities.

This is probably the greatest challenge that global health faces, whilst most of the people suffering from the key global health problems are poor, if the world does not come to their aid their fate will inevitably begin to have a large impact on the more developed nations.

Today's successful corporations and the business community generally are increasingly recognising that the health of their customers and employees is fundamental to continued success and profitability. Enlightened self-interest must drive investment in this arena and Global Health Intelligence TV is intended to raise awareness and promote tangible response from the business community to tackle and overcome some of these difficult problems.

CTV will broadcast Global Health Intelligence to its EMEA audience of over 183 million decision makers and opinion leaders. From September 2012, short films will be broadcast, produced to have maximum impact in a fast-moving environment of the international business community.

Companies, NGOs and charities wishing to achieve maximum exposure and impact should contact the CTV team to discuss these opportunities further.

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