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Live Events

The CTV team are experienced conference professionals who have committed themselves to assist in opening up new lines of communication between the MENA region and the rest of the world. Education, peace, security, health and development are our passionate interests and we will run an effective visitor generation campaign that targets your market directly. We draw on our strong relationships in the MENA region and our extensive database of key personnel across leading global corporations. Each event provides a platform for discussion and opportunities for people to learn from one another in partnership.

We maximise the effectiveness and success of these events by capturing the agenda on film.We then broadcast to the attendees and the relevant wider audience according to our customers brief. We cover news and views from delegates and speakers, pertinent panel discussions and their outcomes, intriguing Q & A sessions and key moments of the event that cannot be relived.

Our expertise in broadcast media means that we can provide you with a bespoke television channel, this can be utilised throughout the event and then replicated on your website. This medium can deliver instant hard hitting footage for your clients to watch.

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